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Reference Photos

1983 Russian AKS-74 - built by Bloss Inc. aka BR7.62 with a 74ullc receiver and our paintIMG_3203

1968 Polish AKM - built with 74ullc receiver, FB Radom barrel and hot salt blued by BR7.62 of Bloss Ind LLCIMG_0001

1968 East German Mpi-Km - Original Barrel, 74ullc and hot blued by BR7.62 of Bloss Ind LLCFCE7_C7_E4_011_D_4007_B08_B_C5_FC19_F9_A189 603_C0_CCC_9_A93_47_E1_BB2_F_E580_E540185_B 34_E8_C8_FB_4_F23_40_DE_B758_92306_DF26104 7_B0_EDB5_D_2_CA8_474_D_A969_DD4237_CE5_FF2 7_B8_EC1_C5_0_A71_4749_B966_D2339311_D327 BE6_F8843_022_A_4895_831_A_CCD684559683