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INTL MIL CO - Paint Work (Availability TBA)

Want INTL MIL CO / Russianpaint.net to paint your rifle?

We are a licensed 07/02 and will accept limited paint work in the future. We will update this page when we have spots open.

We accept work on a case by case basis, if your project is not chosen please understand that we are not full time builders. We are not as fast and focus on one job at a time. Therefore we have to charge more, and focus on the higher end of the market.

The guns we specialize in painting:

  • Ted Marshall builds - Signature and Standard builds. We can avoid ruining any custom details he may have added on the Signature builds. Ted is not taking paint work currently.
  • BR762 (Bloss Ind) builds - dated pre - Jan. 2017 - anything built after this date was done so with our product. BR762 is not taking paint work currently.
  • Two Rivers Arms - Two Rivers will accept refinish jobs they built. Please get with them first, they stock our paint.
  • Piece of History - Mario is building, and stocking our paint. Please ask him first before asking me.
  • NFA Weapons
  • Rare/Special Special projects - Serialized, 100% receiver rifles only, from any builder. We do not work on 80% receiver/home built (No Maker Markings).