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Builders Not Using the Paint

If your builder doesn't stock Russian Paint, offer to send a bottle with your kit/parts. If they agree to use it, please ensure to follow this guide.

  • After they have agreed, email their name, company name, phone number, email address & kit/build details. Include the year - country of origin - factory if needed (Tula or Izhevsk) - type of gun (AKM/AK74) so I can correctly explain the process for that build. 
  • Our reference is Rob Stott's photographs of every AK made from 1947 to today - Link to Purchase his e-book here -- Rob Stott's AK47 Catalog vol. 1-10  -- digital high resolution 1020 page PDF, worth much more than $70.00. More details on Rob and his other books in the link to the left.
  • They will need a full 120mL bottle for one build to practice thinning and spraying.
  • If a gunsmith refuses to use our paint & suggests their preferred gun paint -  There are plenty that will. Refer to my list of builders stocking my paint for some great options. 

If you are a AK Gunsmith/Builder with experience using our product or willing to accept customer supplied bottles of our paint with their kits/projects contact me (link on left of page). I am going to be make a list of builders willing to use our paint.