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80% M16 Lower FAQ & Updates

All orders placed before 3/23/20 - The blanks are ordered and we will get started asap!

  • Will you offer Pony lowers? Will you offer fake sear engraving?  --- NO --- Never ever, I don't know why guys ask this. You know the rules, and you know what happened to the guys that did this. I am trying to feed my family, so don't ask questions like this. 
  • Will you offer anodized 80% lowers? --- Not at this time ---
  • Will you offer 100% lowers? --- Soon, yes, however there is alot of cost and time added to the production. We use the best CNC outfit I could find, and they do outstanding work. Anodizing is done by US Anodizing however they are done in batches so the lead time is longer. Price point will be around $550.00 
  • Will you stamp my 100% lower? --- That depends on alot of factors, it will crack the anodizing in the base of the stamped area. I can only stamp those magwells, if you are ok with moly resin painted over the lower then email me. The back can't be stamped after being cut.
  • Will you make this custom lower? --- Most likely not, however if you have crushed stubs from any receiver other than a Colt, I will consider it if you pay for the R&D cost. If its a cool enough project I can share the cost with you. ---- I am looking for crushed FN A2's, Sendra A2's, Diemaco A2's, things that are no longer in production.